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Vita 13 år (på bildet 10)

og Merete 42 år (på bildet 39)


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Lille Mjau has a goal of creating a wider perception of how people see the cat. Lille Mjau is working towards a better general awareness and understanding of each cats need and potensial in life, particularily interested in the cats daily motivation and psychological well being.

Merete studied the subject "cats" for several years before they in 2009 started up their little cattery. Vita is also very interested in all the aspects of cats, and very fascinated by how to train a cat and make it do tricks..

Merete has been approved as a courseleader for PawAcademy at Pawpeds, she is teaching G1 courses in English and Swedish. Touch the Pawpeds icon to go to www.pawpeds.com  

Vårt nye hjem i Fredrikstad. Kattene elsker hus og kattegård. Flere bilder kommer. Nedenfor er vårt forrige hjem.