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You need permition from Lille Mjau before you can download any pictures or copy text from these pages.

Nedlastning eller kopiering av bilder og tekst fra våre sider krever tillatelse fra Lille Mjau.


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(kull med 6 født 10.12.11, her representert av Hey Jude og Michelle)

N0* Lille Mjau - breeding British Shorthair


Lille Mjau has a goal of creating a wider

perception of how people see the cat.


This banner certifies that Lille Mjau has passed the exam of course G1 (cathold) and G2 (cat breeding) at PawAcademy of Pawpeds.

Lille Mjau thinks that every cat owner and breeder should consider the Pawpeds courses, which held very high standard. Touch the banner above for more info.

klapp Leon for å ankomme våre sider

(Leon - 10 mnd på bildet)

Sist oppdatert 11.september 2013